Knocked down the wall of Jericho lately? Played on Noah’s Arc? Talked with David and Goliath? If not, visit Preston Hollow Prebyterian Church ’s Jubilee Games and Carnival for a day of unique amusements, on Nov. 15, 11a.m.- 1p.m.


The Carnival is part of a larger Churchwide celebration called Jubilation, which dedicates PHPC’s recently completed building project. The whole family will enjoy the Carnival with events such as a certified 5K race and Fun Run, a luncheon, karaoke machine, petting zoo, puppet show, and various other imaginative activities. Biblically-inspired characters will entertain guests, who may choose from games like the Escape to the Promise Land Race or the Fisher’s of People Game.


          “The day is meant just for fun,” says Games Director Helen Lodwick, who cannot help but chuckle as she describes the day’s many events. The Carnival is a largely a product of Lodwick’s imagination, and she has devoted much time to planning and preparing for the Jubilee Games.


She recently finished constructiing and painting the Wall of Jerico in her garage, and laughingly says, “The kids will be able to knock down the Wall with bean bags.”


Not exclusive to PHPC members, the Carnival welcomes the entire neighborhood to join in the celebration. The Church wishes to share this day with the community in part to thank neighbors for their kindness during their recent construction.


          “The Carnival is a gift to our neighbors and the community,” says Lodwick, “We want to thank them for putting up with our construction. We hope everyone will come.”


          The day will begin with an official 5K race, which runners may register for separately. After the race, groups are invited to participate in the Family Fun Run which will provide team awards. Lodwick encourages families to be creative and include all ages in the Fun Run. “We will award teams for being the fastest, as well as for having the most members or the best decorations,” she explains. “We will also have special awards for teams who have both a tricycle and a wheelchair for instance. We want everyone to participate!”


          Lunch will be available for $4, but the rest of the day is free. Lodwick hopes to add a little joy to the neighborhood, and encourages, “Everyone is invited to join the fun.”


          For Carnival or Race information, call Lodwick, 972-385-0535.


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