For nearly twenty years, the ladies of Preston Hollow United Methodist Church have been meeting once a month to knit and crochet. Though membership has varied through the years, one thing has stayed the same: most of the blankets and baby hats the group makes are donated to local charities during the holidays.


          Maxine Musgrave, a longtime member of the Lap Robe group, says the women first began getting together as a result of an AARP meeting. Long after that group disbanded, several ladies continued to meet and knit together.


“It’s as much about the fun of getting together with friends as it is about knitting the quilts,” Musgrave says.


          Once a month, the group meets at one of the member’s homes. All year long, they work on making quilts of approximately 36 inches by 40 inches, called a lap robe. Each one takes a few months to make, says Musgrave, and they’re all a little different. Together, the group donates more than 30 quilts a year to the Visiting Nurses Association.


          The current circle of knitters numbers 10, with only two participants not members of the Preston Hollow Methodist Church . “Some of us have been friends for 30 years,” says Musgrave, adding that the circle used to be larger, but several members have passed away over the years. “When the group was larger,” she says, “we used to make over 50 blankets a year.”


          Before Christmas, one of the ladies brings all of the completed blankets to the Nurses Association. They wrap them, and distribute them to nursing home patients and Meals-On-Wheels recipients. In addition to the lap robes, several women have started making baby caps, which are then donated to Methodist Hospital .


          “Really, we bring whatever we’re working on at the time. If one of us is making a special item for a family member, the rest of us like to see it. Most of us knit or crochet, but some of us sew,” Musgrave says.


          The group not only provides a charitable service, but it also allows the women to remain active. “One of our members is in her 90s,” says Musgrave, “and she still drives for Meals-On-Wheels.”



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