Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day when women everywhere stop to think about the things that matter most: love, relationships … and jewelry. That’s right. Big, beautiful jewelry that’s ours to hold, gaze at lustfully and then wrap all around us. So men, whether you’re looking to make up for the holidays (no, that cell phone charger was not just what she wanted) or just looking for a very special Feb. 14, here’s some advice: Flowers and dinner are a must, candy is OK, but jewelry … that’s the thing to wow your woman. And for items you won’t find on one out of every five women in town, check out smaller stores such as Rebecca Collins. The jewelry here is made by hand, featuring stones and unusual items from all over the world. Shown here: a Cabachon ruby necklace, ($4,000) with matching ruby and jade cuff ($2,400), a ruby and jade pin with an old Roman coin ($795), and ruby and garnet earrings ($890). 8319 Preston Center Plaza , 214-346-0221.


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