There’s no shortage of steakhouses in our area: Far North Dallas is chock-full of them, and the downtown area has a few stellar ones as well. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave the neighborhood if you’re craving a thick, juicy steak done cooked the way you like it. You can get it right here in the neighborhood at Charolais Steak House.


Charolais — sounds like a French restaurant, oui? Not according to owner and general manager Jean Rubede. Sure, he’s originally from , and yes, the name Charolais originates from a region in . But the restaurant’s name is really based on the breed of cattle that provides the steaks, raised here in Texas and the Midwest . And while there are some French touches to the place, including the cozy interior and a few of the menu choices and cooking styles, it’s mostly just a very good steakhouse.


There are some seafood, chicken and veal offerings, but steak clearly dominates the menu. Pictured is the house specialty, Steak Stanley. Rubede created the dish 30 years ago, topping two filets with mushroom sauce, a horseradish-sour cream mixture, and a banana sautéed in sugar. Sounds strange, maybe, but considering how quickly our staff ate it up after the photo shoot, we think it works.


Charolais Steak House


5950A Royal (at Preston )




Hours: 11 a.m.–2:30 Mon-Sat


5-10 p.m. Mon-Sun


$$$, FB


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