Since it began in 1956, Marco’s has become a local legend. Visitors drive from all realms of the metroplex just to try the pizza.


“It’s all word of mouth,” says Frank Nuccio, who took over the family restaurant from his mother last year. So what’s the big deal? Nuccio says it’s a combination of the thin, crispy crust and his grandmother’s sauce recipe — a blend of spices and fresh tomatoes that hasn’t ever changed. Marco’s offers up all the traditional pizza toppings, but has introduced some new alternatives such as soy cheese, pepperoni and sausage, and whole-wheat crust. Nuccio also has started serving pizza by the slice, which has become a big hit. Nuccio hopes to expand the restaurant to include more tables (Marco’s does most of its business through takeout). But for now, he’s taking change one small step at a time — such as beginning to accept credit cards (Marco’s has been cash only since it opened).


“I will never change the ingredients, but I am pushing the place forward,” Nuccio says.


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