They’re our children’s mentors, so we can’t help but admire them. But let’s just say that some neighborhood coaches are easier to admire than others – and we’re not talking about work ethic or team spirit. We asked a number of PTA parents and club sports aficionados to give us their picks of the coaches who catch eyes, turn heads and, let’s be honest, downright distract us from watching our own children. It was difficult to narrow the field (especially with all the drool and lipstick marks smudging the nomination forms), but the effusive responses led us to these neighborhood hotties.


AGE: 30

STATUS: Married with one child

COACHING GIG: W.T. White High School football and softball coach

DAY JOB: Marsh Middle School JROTC teacher

REACTION TO NOMINATION: “I’m a little intimidated and very, very, very speechless.”

WHAT WE HEARD ABOUT HIM: “He makes going to the games all worthwhile. Everyone needs a little ‘eye candy’.”

“The girls at other schools all say they are interested in moving to W.T. White to play softball and would practice as long as the coach wanted to keep them.”

“Though I could easily be his mother, I still think he’s dreamy, especially when I see how devoted he is to kids.”

“He’s a ‘set by example’ leader, a true teenager advocate…but have you seen the way he looks at his wife Elena? WOW!!”

“Let’s just say – the first time I saw him at the school, I briefly wished I were back in school. Only later did I discover that he was not a polite, good-looking student; he was a polite, good-looking coach.”

ANY RESPONSE TO THOSE SECRET ADMIRERS? “Well, I appreciate it very much. And from now on I guess I’ll have to take a little more time when I get ready and give a little more consideration to what I wear so that I look nice for all the moms – now that I know they’re noticing.”

HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR WIFE WILL REACT: “Oh, she’s a good sport so she will get a kick out of this.”

UPPING THE HOTNESS FACTOR: We all love a man in uniform and as an ROTC instructor, it’s not uncommon to catch Bates in his starched BOUs.

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I lift weights and condition. I work out with my athletes and these kids keep me pretty well exercised.”

TURN-ONS: “My wife…sorry, I’m shy about this stuff.”

TURN-OFFS: “Getting noticed for the way I look. It’s really embarrassing.”


AGE: 31

STATUS: Married and expecting a new baby any day now

COACHING GIG: Marsh Middle School girls soccer, volleyball and softball coach

DAY JOB: Marsh Middle School beginning ESL language arts and reading teacher

REACTION TO NOMINATION: “I think this is so funny because I have always been the ugly duckling of the family. Growing up I was always scrawny, lanky and awkward – even my mom would tell you that. I really didn’t start to bloom until I was in my 20s, so this nomination just makes me laugh.”

REACTION TO SISTER’S NOMINATION: “Oh, she’s absolutely beautiful, so I could have guessed she would be nominated. And we’ve always been a package deal so it makes sense that we were nominated as a pair.”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I’m on a soccer and softball team, so that keeps me active. But honestly, what’s made the biggest difference is my eating habits. I’ve just started eating six times a day, so my metabolism is constantly working and I’m never hungry.”

TURN-ONS: “Someone who can make fun of themselves. Someone who is athletic and intelligent.”

TURN-OFFS: “Body hair! Super hairy people freak me out really bad! And I don’t like bad teeth either.”

ANY IDEA YOU WERE SUCH A HOTTIE, OR IS THIS NEWS TO YOU? “There have been times I am at school functions and dads will give me a hug and it feels like they hold on a little too long, so maybe there’s been a hint here or there. And my sister and I have had the older brothers of our athletes ask us how old we are – but we’re almost always way too old for any of them!”

BIKINIS OR THONGS? “I’ve got to go with the low-rise bikinis. Maybe in my wilder, younger days it would have been a different answer, but not now.”


AGE: 28

COACHING GIG: Marsh Middle School girls’ soccer and volleyball coach

DAY JOB: Marsh Middle School advanced ESL language arts and reading teacher

STATUS: Single— “in every sense of the word! Maybe this will get me some publicity and potential boyfriends though.”

REACTION TO NOMINATION: “It’s flattering, but it totally came out of leftfield. But it’s fun. I love this idea – neighborhood hotties – what a great concept!”

REACTION TO SISTER’S NOMINATION: “Oh, that doesn’t surprise me at all because she’s drop dead gorgeous. She’s never had any trouble finding a boyfriend, or even a husband for that matter, because now she’s married.”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I still play league sports. I grew up playing sports, so I’m sure I’ll always be an athlete. I’m on a softball team and a soccer team. My parents also just bought me a bike for my birthday, and I’ve gone bike crazy!”

TURN-ONS: “Men who speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in. I also love funny guys with a good sense of humor. If they can make me laugh, that’s definitely a plus.”

TURN-OFFS: “Guys who are close-minded and not good listeners. But that might just be the teacher in me talking.”

AND WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO YOUR SECRET ADMIRER? “Secret admirers? I didn’t know I had any, but if I do, I’d encourage them to come talk to me and stop being so shy so that I know they exist!”

BIKINIS OR THONGS? “Bikinis. You’ve got to go for the comfort. And besides, I’m really not the sexy type.”


AGE: 47

COACHING GIG: The Jewish Community Center’s head tennis coach

STATUS: Married with kids, including a hottie son (see below)

REACTION TO NOMINATION: “I’m shocked and elated.”

REACTION TO SON’S NOMINATION: “I think it’s awesome. It’s pretty exciting that my son and I were both nominated together.”

WHAT HE HEARD ABOUT THE SINGERS: “We have two very, very cute tennis coaches: John and Chris Singer. John is Chris’ dad, but you would never know that. John is only 47 and looks great!”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I play tennis 35 to 40 hours a week, so that’s kept me fit.”

ANY IDEA YOU WERE SUCH A HOTTIE? “There have been some indications, but only as an ongoing joke we have up here. I actually have a rivalry going on with another tennis coach right now, and we always joke about who is the No. 1 coach around here. But I guess now that I got a nomination and he didn’t, that means I win!”



AGE: 22

COACHING GIG: JCC tennis coach

STATUS: Married

REACTION TO NOMINATION: “I’m astonished and honored.”

REACTION TO DAD’S NOMINATION: “I knew he was a nice guy, but I obviously never saw this coming. But I guess it makes sense – maybe that’s where I get some of my good looks. Thanks, dad.”

UPPING THE HOTNESS FACTOR: Most guys in their early 20s are still too cool to be seen out on the playground with kids, but this one actually enjoys playing with all the summer camp tykes – in fact, he had to reschedule this interview once because he didn’t want to miss a play date with a group of JCC campers. Now that’s just precious.

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “Well, I don’t eat right, like I should. But I do play tennis every single day, without fail. That seems to do the trick.”

TURN-ONS: “Girls with dark features. I love dark hair.”

TURN-OFFS: “Whiny people are definitely my pet peeve.”

ANY IDEA YOU WERE SUCH A HOTTIE? “No, I had no idea. I’m floored by this.”

BOXERS OR BRIEFS? “Boxers, for sure.”


AGE: 48

COACHING GIG: Boxing and mixed martial arts coach for Lions Den Dallas at the Landmark Fitness Center, and at the Jewish Community Center

STATUS: Single

REACTION TO NOMINATION: “Ummm, I’m flattered I suppose, but I’m really more surprised than anything. I’d really like to know who nominated me.”

WHAT WE HEARD ABOUT HIM: “My daughter’s boxing coach is gorgeous – I mean major hottie! I can’t wait to read the article, and see all the pictures!”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I do boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, a form of martial arts. I’ve never lifted weights. I used to be very into trail racing, which is basically just long distance running through the woods, and it’s the hardest course you’ve ever run. The longest I ever ran was 18 miles.”

TURN-ONS: “A good sense of humor. I really like women who don’t take life too seriously.”

TURN-OFFS: “Women who are way too into themselves. I know all women are into themselves to some extent, but I’m talking about the ones who are really over the top.”

ANY IDEA YOU WERE SUCH A HOTTIE? “Well, believe it or not, I train a lot of women, which is kind of rare for boxing and mixed martial arts, so that might have been some indication, but there haven’t been any major signs that I recall offhand.”

UPPING THE HOTNESS FACTOR: He’s a former boxer. In fact, he carries the All Army Boxing Champion title and is a National AAU Boxing Champion. But when he’s not beating up other men in the ring, he’s working with kids at the JCC, where he works with kiddos as young as 8, including some little girls. A tough guy with a softer side? Now that’s hot.

BOXERS OR BRIEFS? “Boxers. There’s just a certain level of comfort you have to have.”

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