Here’s the latest summary, from Dallas Morning News, of Dallas ISD’s credit card investigation:

To date, two employees have been convicted of theft for misusing their cards, while a third still faces charges. In total, 16 employees lost their jobs over their credit card use or for failing to supervise the spending of their subordinates. Ten other employees were demoted, and an additional 54 received written reprimands.





Remember the district employment exceeds 20,000 with a total budget of $1.2 b-b-billion. As I recall, the total loss to the district was about $200,000.

When a private Dallas high school lost $95,000 from one employee, it was reported just twice which I consider appropriate. Theft happens.

I realize government entities are subject to greater scrutiny but DMN is closing in on having written about the Dallas ISD loss SEVENTY times over 18 months with most stories on page 1.

And, while I’m at it, why did Southlake Carroll, a Tarrant County school, get DMN front page for producing Phantom of the Opera?

When our hometown schools receive national recognition or millions in grants and gifts, those are Metro stories and often posted with the obituaries.

Front page coverage for the hometown schools is saved for gangs, heroin and theft.

I’d give you the links for the "good news" stories but, to bolster my complaint, those stories are hard to find through the DMN search engine. Indeed, they are buried.


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