When most preschoolers were learning to color inside the lines, Tammy Horn was learning to sew. “My grandmother was a talented seamstress who taught all her daughters and granddaughters to sew. I started helping her sew as soon as I could cut a straight line. By the time I was 12, I had sewn a felt fox mask for my Halloween costume. I remember thinking it was so cool that I could create a little piece of art that I could wear.” Today, Horn is still channeling her creative energy through sewing, embroidery, cross-stitching and crocheting. Her greatest love, however, is quilting, and she launched a custom quilting business three years ago called Laughing Coyote Quilts. She has created silver and blue Dallas Cowboys designs as well as quilts using historically accurate patterns, fabrics and styles from the late 1800s. On average, Horn says a quilt takes about three to six weeks to complete — but an especially complex design might take a few months. When Horn isn’t hunched over a sewing machine, she’s managing databases for a legal staffing firm. “Laughing Coyote Quilts is really something I just do on the side as a passion. And after you work on computers all day like I do, it’s especially nice to come home and work with fabric that doesn’t beep at you every time you make a mistake.”
For information, e-mail Tammy Horn at Laughing_Coyote_Quilts@yahoo.com.

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