Rondi Hillstrom Davis knows how to pull a few strings to get her job done. She has spent 25 years stitching seams and tweaking cuffs as a costume designer, creating ensembles for movies, television, theaters and local gigs such as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s holiday show and Six Flags’ Batman stunt show. “One of my favorite projects was working on the set of The Trip to Bountiful. Geraldine Page won an Academy for the leading role she played, and I got to watch her up close and personal, which was amazing. Plus, that movie takes place in 1940s, and era pieces are a lot of fun for costume designers.” As you might imagine, Halloween was a big deal in her home. “I always included my daughters in the costume-making process because it was more about sharing the experience and seeing what we discovered along the way.” She has translated that into “Together: Creating Family Traditions”, a craft book for parents and their kids. “Family traditions are important because the simplest things can become what kids rely on for security, and what can really bond a family. My hope is that this book gives parents some fun ways to create their own special family traditions.”

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