Student journalists for The SMU Daily Campus reported today that there were 13 rapes reported at the university in 2006. That’s compared to three rapes that were reported in 2005–and only one rape reported in 2004.
But the university chose to not go public with that information. In fact, it wasn’t until 2007 that the rapes were even acknowledged in a report required by the federal government.
In one case, a woman reported that three men raped her in her car while she was on campus. In three other cases, women reported rapes that were related to fraternity social events (and none of which resulted in campus alerts).
The story also cites a recent fraternity-related rape that was reported last month, which you might also remember reading about on this blog.
If you’d like to read a lengthy, but very informative, story about the campus rape trend, just check out today’s newspaper.

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