No neighborhood is immune to crime, but can you tell us the most prevalent crime reported in our neighborhood?

Car burglaries account for nearly 30 percent of all reported crimes and is the most common offense calling for police response in Dallas. These car burglaries happen at all hours, affecting residential and business areas. Most could have been avoided with some simple preventive measures. In Dallas, our prevention effort is called “Lock, Take and Hide”. Neighbors should always lock their cars and roll up the windows. You should never leave your cars running, even if for a few minutes. While this sounds simple, many cars are actually stolen with keys in the ignition. Car burglars cruise parking lots looking for valuables in cars, so neighbors should always hide their belongings. A recent example comes to mind: A crime watch volunteer told me about an encounter he had with another citizen. He spotted a car left unattended with a woman’s purse on the front seat. The volunteer introduced himself to the couple as they returned to their car. He told them that leaving a purse in plain view is an invitation to a car burglar. The man replied, “Oh, that’s OK; I have a car alarm.” I’m sorry, folks, but a car alarm will not stop a burglar. They can be in and out in less time than you can respond. Please help us keep you and your belongings safe by following the “Lock, Take, and Hide” guidelines.

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