I ate at Oceanaire this weekend, near the Westin Galleria. This is the go-to place for a variety of fresh oysters and fish, several of which you’ve likely never heard of unless you’re a chef or serious seafood-lover.

On the night I went, there were at least half a dozen types of oysters available. I’m not a huge fan of the raw shellfish, so I played it safe with the oysters Rockefeller (baked oysters topped with spinach). It was good, but not great: a little too salty for my liking.

I also tried the marlin sashimi, which being the sushi junkie that I am, I absolutely loved. Even raw, this fish was not too fishy. It was almost buttery, yet delicate and light.

For diner I had the Hawaiian swordfish, a first for me. It’s a heavier fish with a more meaty than flakey texture. It also has a subtle flavor similar to tuna, but it’s not bland by any means.

Side dishes are ordered a la carte here, so I paired mine with the mashed potatoes (they’re topped with cheddar cheese and fried onions, yum), the fried green tomatoes, (which were tart, crisp and surprisingly good, especially considering that I don’t like tomatoes), and the mushrooms (sautéed in a sherry sauce: a must-try).

I didn’t have room for dessert, but if the food is any indication, I’m sure it’s fabulous. The dress code is business casual, and the menu is a bit on the steep side (about $30 per plate), so you might want to save this spot for a special occasion (my birthday was my excuse). But if you appreciate a good fillet of quality fish, then Oceanaire should be added to your list of places to try.

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