We all try to do our part to keep safe while we’re out and about in the neighborhood, so what tips should homeowners keep in mind when it comes to keeping safe on the home front?

We are all very cautious of our surroundings when we are out in the public, but we often let our guards down when we reach the safety and security of our homes. Instead, we need to remain alert and watchful, even at home. For starters, make sure you install good locks on doors and windows. Don’t hide any extra keys in mailboxes or under doormats. Instead, leave an extra set of keys with a trusted neighbor or friend. Before opening your door for strangers, always ask to see photo identification. If you are the least bit worried, call the company they represent to verify their identity. If you do not have a window or peep hole in your door, consider installing a safety chain. Consider installing a home alarm system that provides monitoring for burglary, fire, panic and medical alerts. Also, try to stay aware of scams out there. If you’re ever suspicious of solicitors, check them out with the Better Business Bureau at bbb.org, or the Texas Attorney General’s Office at oag.state.tx.us. You can learn about current scams and ways of protecting yourself from identity theft by clicking on the “Consumer Protection” link on the Attorney General’s website.


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