Best friends Markus Pinyero and Philip Sterling used to sit for hours discussing their entrepreneurial visions. Today, Pinyero says, they barely get a chance to sit at all. “We used to have lunch together four times a week. I don’t think we’ve done that in months,” he says. But these young businessmen didn’t get where they are today by sitting around. The shaggy haired, casually clad 25-year-olds recently turned their wishful talking into reality, each opening a shop at Mockingbird Station. Sterling opened the stylishly dark boutique, Centre, last May, and Pinyero followed with Urban Taco, an aesthetically uplifting modern Mexican food restaurant. The friends share a Preston Hollow home with two other 20-somethings. (Pinyero is sure his neighbors are suspicious of the four bachelors, none of whom anyone would immediately peg as a businessman.) Pinyero and Sterling wanted to be business neighbors because they felt they could bring out the best in one another that way. “We hope to combine our energies to generate buzz about both businesses,” Pinyero says. And from the looks of their booming businesses it seems these budding entrepreneurs have succeeded.


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