I was doing a little window-shopping at the Preston Royal shopping center today when I stepped into Tango Zango. I love picking up candles here because I always find really unique scents (mojito is my current top pick). While browsing, I spotted a small rack of gourmet coffees and chocolates towards the back of the store. That’s where I found my new favorite candy fix: Chuao Spicy Maya chocolate bars. This dark chocolate bar is infused with pasilla chile and cayenne peppers–so it’s sweet, but spicy. I admit that I’m a spicy food aficionado–in fact, the hotter, the better in my book. But this chocolate just has subtle undertones of spiciness, nothing overwhelming. I even taste tested it on a few of my friends who think Tabasco is pushing it, and they were able to handle this. If you’re still intimidated, go for another unexpected combo, like the milk chocolate and Earl Grey tea bar, which is next on my list.

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