Last month, homeowners reported having the copper condensing units stolen from their air conditioning units. Is there anything police are doing to curb these metal thefts? And is there anything homeowners can do?

For some time now, thefts of recyclable metal items, such as copper pipes and air conditioner parts, have been a problem in Dallas.  Our city now has a new ordinance controlling the recycling companies that buy scrap metal, which we hope will reduce metal thefts: Now, if someone wants to sell scrap metal, they must provide their thumbprint. And recycling companies have to pay these sellers by check, unless they are registered with the recycling business and can show positive identification. This ordinance also requires the recycling company to photograph the person selling the scrap metal, and their vehicle. These photos are kept on record so police officers can identify people who might be committing metal thefts. If any neighbors witness someone stealing metal, they should focus on getting a description of the thief and the car they are driving. That way, we can compare their description with the photos we have on file and possibly find a match.

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