My college roommate and I went to Suze to eat Friday night. At lunch that day, we decided we were both free of family commitments that night and spontaneously decided to go to dinner. THAT never happens. Either part: Free of family commitments at the same time AND doing something so spontaneously. To top off the kismet going, Terry (roommate) asked if I had ever eaten at Suze. I told her it had been a long time and I would love to go. This fabulous Preston Hollow restaurant is very close to our house, she was coming from where she works downtown, so I was excited to not drive very far. (I work out of our home.) I warned that I knew reservations were tough and it was a Friday. But voila! We got a 6:45 p.m. reservation. Good timing for Terry to finish up at work and meet me there and enough time after dinner to catch a movie. After I told her we were able to get a reservation, she told me she was surprised because Lisa Garza, owner of Suze, was on the cover of Quick newspaper that very same day.Wow, I really felt lucky to be going the same night she was featured on the cover. Also, the Next Food Network Star winner was going to be determined that Sunday and Garza was one of two chefs remaining in the competition. A local celebrity! Dinner did not disappoint. I had warned Terry that Suze was next door to a grocerystore, it was tiny and not inexpensive. The second you walk through their door you leave the grocery store parking lot behind. Our food was superb. Terry had the Snapper that was featured that evening. I had Porcini Papardelle Pasta that was the best pasta I have had in the city since my husband and I were in Northern Italy this past May. Our wine selection paired perfectly with both our entrees. We each had a different salad and ate every bite. One thing to know before you go to Suze is that the dining area is very small. The diners next to you might be sharing their conversation with you. Some of us like that – hearing what others are talking about during dinner. Some of us would rather not know or be heard ourselves. That feature added to our experience. The couple next to us was obvious Food Network fans. They were taking photos with their phones of their wine bottle, their salads, their entrees and each other. It was funny. They were VERY excited to be there. Chef Gilbert Garza came out of the kitchen and walked through the restaurant and that couple about popped out of their chairs with excitement to see him. He had celebrity status in their eyes. Next I will tell you about the neighborhood bar we stopped in after dinner, before the movie, where “everyone knows your name.”

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