Novelist Lisa Wingate has a new book out called "A Month of Summer".

Why should you care? I’ll tell you. First, a little background:

Wingate’s first book "Tending Roses" has sold more than 130,000 copies and gone through 11 printings since its 2001 debut. Since then, she’s written several novels and built a significant following—she’s frequently compared to uber-popular romance novelist Nicholas Sparks ("The Notebook") and her stories are set in small-town America … that’s where we come in. "A Month of Summer", according to this piece in the Waco Tribune, is set "in the fictitious Blue Sky Hill neighborhood, a transitional, upscale Dallas residential area modeled after Dallas’ Lakewood area."

Honestly, I don’t normally take an interest in this genre of recreational reading (I’m more of a Chuck Palahniuk, Jonathan Franzen kind of girl) but I’m willing to give it a try because I like seeing familiar things as a backdrop to my entertainment. That’s why I watch Cheaters.

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