No, not one of my favorite bands — but my home’s foundation, the cool air I now pay a King’s ransom for and roofs and windows. Foundation = Earth; Cool air = Wind; and Roofs and windows = Fire (because they are going to help keep the heat OFF my house).

Like most homes in the Preston Hollow area, ours is nearly 50 years old. And like a lot of other 50 year olds, it likes to rock and roll. We are in the process of repairing the foundation, installing new windows and a new roof. And I’m pretty sure we don’t understand most of what we are paying for. The goal is to stop the shifting going on underneath us. repair our hail damaged, energy inefficient, fire hazard roof above us, and replace the original, single-paned windows with uber-energy efficient windows around us.

Why do we love these old houses when their up-keep cost so much money? For us it is the neighbors and the trees.

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