Most of us have been there. It’s lunchtime and we’re faced with the ever-present dilemma: blow the diet and give in to that football-sized burrito, or do right by our skinny jeans and eat that good-but-boring turkey sub.
Well, Zoes Kitchen is somewhere between that burrito and sub. The food at this Snider Plaza eatery doesn’t taste as good as those refried beans and guacamole—but it’s also more satisfying than the same sandwich you’ve probably had a million times.
The menu offers a lot of typically fatty items in low-cal versions. For example, the potato salad is made with a light coating of oil and herbs, instead of two gallons of mayo. It had a fresh, light flavor and chopped green onions added a nice crispiness to it. I also tried the pasta salad: large shells in a tasty vinaigrette dressing of some sort, mixed with grilled veggies. It was a little bit on the bland side for my liking, but nothing a few dashes of seasoning couldn’t fix. (They keep a bottle of seasoning mix on every table).
I ordered the Gruben, a tweaked version of the Ruben. This take had turkey instead of corned beef, and was topped with low-cal coleslaw and bit of feta cheese on rye. The cabbage wasn’t drenched in sauce, which gave a good crunchy texture and the bread was good and hearty, as deli rye should be. There was also a nice proportion of turkey—no skimping here.
If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, there’re are also salads and few hot entrees, like quesadillas or the chicken kabob platter.
Zoes Kitchen also does family dinners to go. There’s a chicken kabob dinner, a Greek chicken dinner, and a baked chicken dinner. The menu says each dinner will feed four people, and most go for about $30 (which is pretty reasonable when you do the math).

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