Neighborhood resident Megan Benanti has her hands full with two young sons and a home full of pets. But come Friday night, you’ll find this Kramer Elementary mom at Central 214, seated near the bar. That’s where she reads tarot cards as Nattacia Zeviar, her kabalistic name. A flip of a card, she says, and she can tell you why your romance is on the rocks or if you should consider that next business venture. “The first time I read someone’s tarot cards, they’re typically surprised by what I can tell.” She started reading about eight years ago after her first daughter was stillborn. “It is common for people to find tarot during traumatic times because you’re looking for solutions in the chaos,” Benanti says. “After my daughter died, I had my first tarot reading, and it was a pivotal point in my life.” She immediately began studying tarot, even traveling to New York’s Tarot School to hone her skill. Keeping a tarot journal also helped Benanti get through a battle with breast cancer about a year ago because it proved to be “highly therapeutic.” No matter what you’re facing, she says, tarot cards can help you gain insight. “Tarot really speaks through the conscious and subconscious levels, so it’s highly enlightening. I think some people are hesitant because of what they think I’ll tell them, but I want people to walk away feeling good about themselves, and the choices they’re making in their lives — this is about helping people get going in the right direction.”

If you’d like a tarot card reading, swing by the bar at Central 214, 5680 N. Central Expy, any Friday after 7 p.m. To schedule a private reading, call 214.403.4031.

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