Some of the discussion about renaming Ross Avenue to Cesar Chavez has mentioned that Chavez has no Dallas or Texas connection; not so, say some historical documents and longtime residents in a DMN story. It turns out Chavez apparently participated in "protest marches and peaceful public demonstrations in Dallas" and visited the city at least 20 times, according to longtime residents. In fact, the story says he "led a group of 70 demonstrators in the parking lot of an Albertson’s on Abrams Road" in 1990 and took part in a peaceful "demonstration against grape consumption" in 1985, this time at a Minyard’s store on Live Oak Street.

That could turn out to be bad news for Live Oak Street if you’re keeping score in the peanut gallery and waiting for Mayor Tom Leppert to come up with a Solomon-like solution — and promote it himself as such to local TV stations — to this problem he created.

Meanwhile, a former city council rep had this comment about Leppert’s sudden disappearance from the public stage regarding the whole Chavez issue: Maybe Leppert has finally developed a little political savvy by learning to keep his mouth shut on a controversial issue, albeit one he created and fostered by trying to protect the real estate guys panting to develop the soon-to-be-former Industrial Boulevard.

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