More DMN commentary about the DISD budget mess Sunday; this time, the headline is "DISD’s $64 million shortfall puts supporters on defensive." True enough: Those of us who believe DISD isn’t the cesspool of ineptitude and idiocy that many out-of-town letter-writers believe don’t have too much more to add to the story as it sits right now.

Already, I’ve seen one email circulating from a parent (who doubles as a DISD teacher) saying she was told by her principal that 5-10 teaching positions might be cut at the school; I’m sure that’s unsettling to the parents who received it. And that potential solution isn’t surprising, I suppose, because DISD is going to have to recover the money somehow and from somewhere. It’s just too bad that the rumors are already flying before any definitive corrective action has been taken or announced.

And that’s what DISD has to do next, and immediately: Take the bull by the PR horns and start getting information out there about what’s going to happen and how this won’t happen again (anytime soon, anyway). It’s not surprising that it’s taking a few days to get a handle on things, but early this week, we need to find out the new plan and how it’s going to work. Without dramatic action, I think Supt. Michael Hinojosa risks being run out of town by the DMN and other naysayers sooner rather than later. And that would be an awful thing for DISD continuity and its future stability.

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