You know those greeting cards that so proudly and eloquently capture the innermost sentiments you have for a loved one? Well, these aren’t those cards. Far from it, in fact. “Our cards are funny — but the humor is racy, a little edgy,” says J-Dig co-founder Cathy Henry. Case in point, a birthday card with an image of candles atop a cake looks innocent enough. Open the card, however, and a birds-eye illustration reveals the candles actually spell out “old.” And that’s a tame one. Other cards qualify as R-rated. Henry launched the cheeky card line earlier this year with her husband, Peter, and her brother in-law, Josh. “Josh is the mastermind. These cards are his brain on paper.” Then Peter creates art for the card. “And then I take whatever those crazies come up with, and I get it into stores. Retailers either have a look of horror on their face, or they’re cracking up — it’s always one or the other.” —MARLENA CHAVIRA-MEDFORD

Find J-Dig Cards at Mockingbird Station’s Paperie & Co., 5331 E. Mockingbird.


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