A: As parents, we are all concerned about the safety of our children and recognize we can’t control everything that happens to them outside the home. It is important to talk to your child about strangers and how they should react if they are approached. Let your kids know these are safety rules to follow, just like a fire drill.  Listen to your child’s fears, concerns and questions. Be honest and don’t exaggerate to scare your child. It’s important to let your child know there are “safe adults” who are strangers, like police and firemen. Parents should also role play with their kids so they show them how to keep a safe distance from strangers, and how to yell and run away if they are approached. Sometimes predators will lure children by saying their parents sent them to pick them up. Therefore, families should plan ahead by having a secret code word or phrase that your child will recognize if someone approaches them claiming they were sent by family to pick them up.

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