It’s all but official now — the soon-to-be-former First Family will move to Preston Hollow next year (Walnut Hill and the tollway, near Tom Hicks?). Obviously, we don’t want a repeat of what happened with the president’s father and Homer Simpson, a very ugly incident.

So here are a few thoughts to make the Bushes feel at home:
• We deliver the Advocate on the weekend closest to the first of each month. Don’t be alarmed if you see someone hanging something on your door. It’s just us, leaving the magazine in a little plastic bag (as opposed to throwing it on the driveway for the Secret Service to run over).

• We will be happy to send the Bushes Advocate t-shirts and caps. They should email Wamre with their sizes. (I think we can also accommodate the Secret Service detail.)

• Check out the new Advocate website. We should have all the bugs fixed by the time the Bushes move in. Honest.

• Eat Sunday dinner at Celebration. It’s reasonably priced and the food is good. Plus, it’s a homey and comfortable, an ideal place to go after church.

• Finding a grocery store is more problematical. There’s a Whole Foods at Preston and Forest, but the Bushes don’t strike me as Whole Foods people. They’d probably feel more at home at the Tom Thumb/Simon David at University and Inwood.

• Pizza from Marco’s. Mrs. Bush isn’t going to want to cook dinner every night.

• The local library branch is on Royal, between Preston and the tollway. I mention this because of Mrs. Bush’s fine work for literacy.

• Though the Bushes don’t drink, they’ll probably need to buy wine and spirits when they entertain. I recommend Pogo’s in Inwood Viilage. Harris Polakoff is a great guy, and the Bushes can tell him I sent them.

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