Let’s face it, things are tight for most of us–which makes a good bargain all the more appreciated.  I checked out the going-out-of business sale at Harold’s today–you know, the one we told you about on this very blog. Turns out there are some big discounts going on there…like 75 percent to 88 percent big.

Need a holiday gift for dad? Ties that were originally $70 are now $30–plus you get that second one half-off. I grabbed two sweaters, both originally $98, for $25 each. I also eyed the $120 handbags going for $30, but decided to pass. Everything in the store is on sale, and I mean everything (display furniture and decor included).

As I checked out, employees were marking down merchandise even lower. The manager on duty told me there’s also a lot more inventory in the back, and the store is still full. She also said they intend to continue the sale until everything is gone, which from the looks of it is going to take at least a few more months. If you’re doing your gift shopping on a budget this year, it’s worth checking out.

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