Yes, it is sad, but true: Ed’s NY Deli off Preston and LBJ has closed down. I stopped by there today with dreams of bagel chips and matzo ball soup dancing in my head. Instead, I arrived to find movers shuffling out the last few boxes and a goodbye note on the door. The letter sates that economic hardships forced the owners to close down the restaurant, a story that’s becoming all-too-common.

After finding the restaurant vacant, I ventured next door to Cafe Greek. The waitress there told me Ed’s NY Deli officially shut its doors last week–which she said caught her off guard a bit because business always seemed to be doing well. I’d have to agree with her. While I wasn’t a bona fide regular here, I certainly frequented the spot. Every time I was there, business seemed to be good–but I suppose not good enough.

Well, one thing is certain: we just lost one heck of good deli. I will especially miss the endless platter of homemade pickles, and the fact that you could bring your own wine here. If you’d like to pass on any thoughts or comments to the owners, you can still reach them at

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