The movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman premiered in theaters last January, and I bring it up now, nearly a year after its release, because it was the inspiration for our January cover stories.

The idea came from Preston Hollow neighborhood blogger Louisa Meyer who suggested that just like Nicholson and Freeman’s list of things they should experience around the world, our neighborhood has experiences that eveyone should participate in. For those who haven’t seen the movie, the name comes from the phrase "kick the bucket" — in other words, a list of things to do and accomplish before you die.

We decided not to mention the term "bucket list" in the stories, both because we knew we would need to explain the movie’s premise and because we felt it might put a damper on things to talk about death in our New Year’s issue. But the idea that life is full of experiences we should embark upon is a good one, and the movie is worth a watch if you haven’t see it yet. It’s out on DVD and appearing regularly on HBO.

We hope you’ll find some new things to experience in our cover story, "Live Your Preston Hollow Life". We didn’t have room to include everything, so whatever we left out, we hope you’ll let us know either in comments below this post or comments below the story. Who knows — maybe your idea will show up in a future Preston Hollow Advocate article?

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