I got duped, plain and simple. A few months ago, I did a quick search for the George W. Bush Library website, coming soon to our city, and this is what came up.

I can’t quite remember, but at the time, I think the website simply had the infamous "mission accomplished" photo and a "coming soon" header. My initial reaction was, "That seems like a pretty brazen choice of photo to herald the new library, no matter what side of the political spectrum on which you find yourself." I quickly forgot about it, however.

I recently did another search that led me to this site, and this time, I read the following summary on the home page:
"Welcome to the future home of the officious George W. Bush Presidential Library. This patriotic website will serve as an authoritative digital archive, dedicated to preserving and celebrating the godly legacy of the most honest, peaceful, and intelligent leader in the 6,000 year history of the planet Earth."

OK, that made it clear. This was the "officious" site, not the "official" site. It apparently is related to whitehouse.org, another parody site that looks like its content hasn’t been updated since fall 2007. The website of Chickenhead Productions, which appears to be the creator of these websites and other parody sites, also looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2007.

So perhaps we won’t ever see anything more on the "officious" George W. Bush Presidential Library site. Seems like both are a waste of good urls.

Also, I’ve looked, but don’t believe there’s an official George W. Bush Presidential Library website as of yet. But there are plenty of parody stories, including a tour and a lot of blog mentions about this e-mail forward.

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