The flu is hitting nearby SMU campus hard. Reportedly (NBC5 ) about 60 students have been diagnosed in the last week or so. Seems they are trying to prevent exacerbation of the outbreak by raising awareness. Understandable, but from the crowd I saw at the Cold Medicine rack at Albertsons last night, it’s just a side note, which gets me thinking … there are about 4700 students at SMU, so a little over one percent of the population has flu. And that’s a newsworthy epidemic … hmm. Here at the Advocate, we have 20 employees, give or take, and no less than six have had the same issues as these SMU kids. With 30 percent of our staff suffering, WOW, it’s a wonder we made it at all, AND we got the February magazines to you on time — and with all the usual top-quality content. It’s a miracle!

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