Gatti Town wants to open a new location at the Forest Marsh Shopping Center. The pizza chain, however, had to apply for a special permit because the owners want to use 28 percent of the space as a gaming section, but zoning only allows for 25 percent.  Next Thursday, Feb. 12, the Dallas Plan Commission will vote on whether to approve or deny that special use permit.

I talked to District 13 plan commissioner Robert Ekblad yesterday. He tells me that although there has been some grumblings from a handful of neighbors who live in the duplexes behind the shopping center (on Weeburn Drive) and worry about the amount of traffic the business could bring, he suspects the request will be approved.

The Northaven Park Neighborhood Association (which includes part of Weeburn Drive) is publicly supporting the notion. Neighbor Ed Bright founded this group, and I spoke with him today about the issue.

“This business has every indication of being something positive for our neighborhood: it’s family-oriented, alcohol-free, and it closes at 9," he says. “Besides, vacant buildings are never good for the neighborhood and there are a lot of other things that could go in there that could be a lot worse."

If the plan commission approves the special use permit next Thursday, it will move on to a vote by city council.

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