In the column I write for the Lakewood magazine, I talk about the annual ritual, and especially how it has endured when so many other things from 30 and 40 years ago haven’t. I also think the cookie sale, and especially the door-to-door part of it, is something that helps make a neighborhood more neighborhood-like. That continuity is crucial in an era where we seem to have less and less of it.

Which is why this news is so depressing. The national numbers are not in yet, says USA Today, but regional Girl Scout councils nationwide are seeing declines as large as 19 percent in pre-order sales. The reason? The recession, for one, as well as bad winter weather in many parts of the country that kept the girls from going door to door. Some of the comments with the USA Today are surprisingly sad and also mean-spirited. Why would anyone pick on the Girl Scouts?

It’s not too late to buy cookies. Our JJ Pair had the information here.

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