A couple of things left over from last week’s news from the Army Corps of Engineers that the Trinity River levees probably aren’t safe enough to include a tollway.

First, this from Mayor Park Cities at his town hall meeting on Thursday (courtesy of our Austin Kilgore): “Some of those [failures] are probably more significant. We are absolutely committed to addressing it, and we are addressing it. The Trinity River Corridor project at its genesis, the reason that it started out, was for flood control. That is our number one safety issue, and we’re gonna go on that.”

And the city will press ahead: “Nothing has changed. The levees are the same today as they were yesterday. The other components of the Trinity River Corridor Project, I can tell you, each one of those will move forward because we think that project is important enough that we will continue to move forward and we’ll move forward aggressively.”

After the jump, video from the city hall news conference addressing the Corps’ decision:


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