If you’ve always wanted to have a DISD facillty named after you or someone you know, Back Talk is ready to help: Here’s what you need to know to meet DISD’s March 31 nomination deadline.

Ideally, the nominee should have local or national prominence and be recognized in fields such as "education, science, medicine, law, art, government, business, justice, civil rights, human rights or military achievement," according to the DISD press release.

Or you can donate your way to a naming opportunity, kind of like at the new Dallas Cowboys’ stadium: "A facility or portion of a facility may also be named for an individual or group when a major capital donation has been made to the District for the facility by or on behalf of the nominated individual or group."

One final note: You have to be at least 70 or have been deceased for 18 months, or "such naming is a condition of a gift or grant accepted by the District."

For more info, visit this website or call 972-925-3720, and then send your nomination to Director of Board Services, 3700 Ross, Box 1, Dallas 75204-5491.

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