Who would have thought so much would still be going 18 months after the referendum? Maybe I’ll have to go on another Trinity posting hiatus.

Anyway, the latest highlights:

Council members Mitch Rasansky of Preston Hollow and Angela Hunt called out the mayor and city manager over levee safety yesterday, and neither pulled any punches. Then, council members Dwaine Caraway and Jerry Allen defended the mayor and city manager, and neither of them pulled any punches. I got dizzy just reading the story. What must it have been like at the meeting?

And Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper, which is doing regular 180-degree spins of its own, has an op-ed column from Hunt suggesting the city move to Plan B — which doesn’t include the highway but does include finishing the park, fixing the levees and straightening the S.M. Wright dead man’s curve (something I have been meaning to write about for more than a year.)

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