Friday I had coffee with our DISD trustee Edwin Flores, so I took the opportunity to ask him the question that’s on a lot of our minds: will he run for re-election this fall? He says he’s still undecided—but promises to let us here at Advocate know as soon as he makes his mind up, so I’ll keep you posted.

I also asked him about his ambitions for other Dallas public offices, or something at the state level—he says both are out of the question. He did say, however, he wouldn’t rule out anything in national politics since growing up in Mexico City has left him with a desire to get involved in foreign affairs.

We also discussed the district’s funding of magnet/TAGs/learning centers, which we’ve been following closely here on our blog.

“We have got to align the funding of all our schools, plain and simple” he told me. “If we fail to align these schools, we will loose $100 million in federal money. That’s the same as firing 991 DISD teachers. We can’t afford to do that.”

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