Class six students from Providence Christian School of Texas got a lesson on life in the Middle Ages when they traveled back in time to recreate the era for Middle Ages day.

Each student received a role to play, producing a colorful assortment of princes, princesses, peasants, jesters, nuns, monks, knights, and even a king and a queen. True to the times, students could only interact with classmates in their social status.

The knights fought in a duel, the monks and nuns prayed for lunch, and the peasants sold their wares.
“I enjoyed watching the jesters performed for the court, especially throwing pies in the faces of several classmates,” said class six student Becca Mighell.

Moms and teachers got in on the act, dressing up in clothes from the era and helping the students make clay gargoyles, rose windows, manuscript letters, calligraphy letters, and leading Fools’ School, where students learned how to juggle.

For lunch, the kids had a feast of cheese, grapes, bread, turkey legs, and ale (apple juice).

The day concluded with Middle Ages games – bowling for feathers, jousting on a bike, and log fights (with pillows).

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