After 33 years of ownership, Henry S. Miller Interests—which also owns Preston Royal Village in our neighborhood—is selling Highland Park Village to the daughters of Dallas oilman Al Hill Jr., the DMN recently reported.

The women, along with their husbands, formed a partnership to buy Highland Park Village for  $170 million. The newly-formed HP Village Partners Ltd is comprised of Ray and Heather Washburne, and Stephen and Elisa Summers.
Ray Washburne has a quite a bit of ties to our neighborhood. He is co-owner of Dallas-based MCrowd Restaurant Group, which includes a handful of restaurants here in Preston Hollow: Mi Cocina, Taco Diner, and The Mercury. Washburne is also a majority owner of Rockfish Seafood Grill, which has a new location at Preston and Forest. His property company Charter Holdings also owns a cluster of retail spaces in our neighborhood off Walnut Hill.
The is only the third time Highland Park Village has changed hands in its 78-year history.
The new owners, all of them Highland Park High School graduates, plan on keeping with its town-center feel.  And if you frequent the boutiques there, no worries, Jimmy Choo isn’t going anywhere. In fact, they’ll actually be adding some more high-end fashion retailers. Vince, a contemporary brand with a store New York and California, will be one of four new tenants in Harold’s old space.
There are plans, however, to make some changes. For example, the movie theatre will have a sushi restaurant added.

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