The fro-yo saga continues: Menchies is the next to join the growing ranks of yogurt shops in our neighborhood. The first location will open at Highland Park Village late next month, and a second location will open at the Preston Royal Shopping Center in September.

I love frozen yogurt, but the thing that irks me about these places is that the portions are always too much or too little. But at Menchies, you pay by the weight, not by the topping.

It’s a self-serve venue, and at 39 cents per ounce, Menchies fro-yo is a real bargain, especially if you take advantage of their generous daily yogurt samples. How can you go wrong with rotating flavors like Red Velvet, Irish Mint and Snickerdoodle?

But the topping bar is where you really hit the sweet tooth jackpot. Feel free to stick with the fresh fruits like white raspberries and kiwi, or live dangerously and pile on some heaping cookie dough chunks, slabs of hot fudge, and masses of mini cheesecake bites–even sugary breakfast cereal.

The smell of freshly made waffle cones was enough to lure me into this delightful yogi sanctuary while vacationing in L.A. recently. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Menchies is open late on weekends – a custom that I hope is carried on at the Dallas locations. Their endless yogurt combinations also come low in fat, sugar-free, and kosher–plus, the thick and creamy texture is to die for.

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