We told you Monday about the furlough of non-emergency city services, but it appeared many residents were not adequately informed, leaving many of them turned away from libraries and recreation centers across the city.

Councilwoman Ann Margolin (District 13) said the furloughs are necessary to help the city balance the budget before the end of summer, but she also thinks they need to do a better job of informing the public well in advance. She says two weeks should be enough time to get the word out through sign postings and the media.

“What I will do, personally for my district, is notify the presidents of the neighborhood associations,” Margolin said. “We do need to do a better job of that. I’ll do what I can for District 13, and I’ll talk with the city manager (to make sure the media is notified).”

Councilwoman Linda Koop (District 11) said her office sent out e-mails to her constituents, and she plans to pass along that tip to the other council members. She said next time the city has a furlough (another one is scheduled for Labor Day weekend), they city should do more to get the word out.

“It needs to be in a more prominent place on our city Web site,” she said. “It needs to be posted on the doors on city hall, libraries and recreation centers.”

With the city still in a budget crunch, Koop said it wouldn’t be surprising if there were other furloughs later this year, in addition to the one planned in September.

District 12 Councilman Ron Natinsky was out of town and not available for comment.

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