Two questions to pose, as we post yet another Trinity tollroad update. And I am the only one who thinks that this story has taken on a decidedly surreal, Kafkaesque quality almost two years after the referendum?

First, the city official who is overseeing the Trinity River levee repairs has resigned unexpectedly. You can read the news here, and what is practically a eulogy for assistant city manager Ramon Miguez here. Given that Miguez can’t be replaced (something about budget woes) and that the levee repairs are crucial to the tollroad, will this be enough for the city to finally announce that the highway has been indefinitely postponed?

Second, Mayor Park Cities is leading a group of politicians to Toronto to discuss urban sustainability. (Hey, I don’t make this stuff up.) Or, as a friend of mine asked me last night: “How will the mayor be able to explain to the Canadians that a tollroad on a levee inside a park fits any known model of urban sustainability?”

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