This week’s Friday Productivity Killer comes to us to courtesy of our ace intern Elizabeth Elliott, wo unearthed this potentially mega timewaster:

If you’re like most web surfers, you probably have about 10 to 15 sites that you visit regularly. Surveys show that there are more than 200 million distinct websites out there, which means you’ve only looked at about .000000075 of them.
If you’re wondering what you’re missing out there in the World Wide Web, check out Click on “stumble” in the right hand corner and it will take you to one of the many sites you would’ve skipped over in the past. You can customize the toolbar by choosing topics that interest you (arts, movies, politics, clothing, cooking, etc.) and it will only take you to websites that fall into those categories.
You’re bound to run into something you find interesting, whether it’s a site showing you how to fold your t-shirts in only 2 seconds or some of the most intricate cakes you’ve ever seen. Get ready to exercise some self-control though, or you’ll kill a lot more than today’s productivity.

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