I had to make a tough choice between two mesmerizing videos for today’s productivity killer. The first candidate was the "Miss Pole Dance World" competition; second was a video intern Alex Knesnik sent entitled "Moments".

Considering my audience, I chose the latter (not that many of you don’t appreciate a good pole dancing routine). "Moments", a Radiolab production, is more poignant than our usual (wonderful) Friday afternoon ridiculousness, though no less entertaining or timewasting. You are sure to see something during the four-plus minute collection that will tug at the heartstrings — for me it was the worm on the fish hook, the toddler walking by the pool, or the flipping of music sheets in band practice that made me smile. It’s evocative without being too cheesy or melodramatic, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing to boot.

And if afterwards you have an extra five minutes or so … well, there’s still that pole-dancing video.

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