Yesterday I told you about the recent cat slayings that have happened in our neighborhood, a trend we’ve been following all summer on our East Dallas blog and Far North Dallas blog. 

Dallas police have now formed a task force to investigate those cat deaths. Some neighbors have suggested this is the work of coyotes, but if someone actually has been killing these cats, it’s a felony. 

If any neighbors find a dead cat, police are asking that they not call animal services—instead, they’re asking neighbors to keep the cat remains in a box and call 911. The police will need to examine the remains as part of their investigation.

Police are also asking neighbors to report anything out of the ordinary to their tip line at 214.672.0567. After the jump is a report from a neighbor who says she encountered a suspicious person in the Joe’s Creek area last night.

“My husband, daughter and I were out tonight taking a walk when a very bizarre boy, around 14ish, approached us from behind, asked us questions about if we saw the police or if we were the police.  He was acting somewhat strange, had a bandage wrapped around his hand, and kept having certain flare-ups of rage.  He asked about the cats that were being severed.  The other odd thing was that right before he came up to us I had just mentioned to my husband about the horrible thing that has happened to some of the cats in our neighborhood when the boy came out of nowhere.   He had to have heard me talking of the cat’s situation.  I believe he came out of the alley.  My husband tried to get some information from him like – where do you live?
All of his responses were strange.  After we moved on and began to discuss it we realized  that he might have been the one who hurt those cats.  That bandage was covering up either a weapon or scratches that he had gotten.  We called 911 right away and the police came out and have been searching for him.  This was about 9:30 P.M. on Countess.  The police called me to let us know they were out looking for this boy.  He is about 5’4" tall, dark hair, wore glasses, plaid baggy shorts to the knee, thin body, white t-shirt.  The police said if we see or hear anything else we should call them back out.”

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