Our crack undercover staff shot this video between the mayor of a major U.S. city and his city manager, when they were discussing how to close a $190 million budget crisis. High level stuff. After the jump, the video and just exactly how we did it:

The video (it’s satire, in case anyone was wondering) was made with the xtranormal process — "automated synchronization of synthesized speech with animated, 3-D avatars." In other words, we wrote the script and typed it in, and the computer read it. You can also pick sounds, camera angles, facial expressions, and bunch of other stuff. This is the free version; the paid version starts at $5 a month and includes more — and better looking — characters. We just had these two to choose from.

Check out the site and make your own cartoon — perhaps about the hard-hitting and talented staff of your favorite local magazine and blog.

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