I’ve had several people tell me how cozy and downright adorable Rise No. 1 is, but it wasn’t until a recent dinner there that I fully appreciated it’s ambiance. This tiny shabby-chic space looks like a page out of Martha Stewart Living, down to the kitschy linen napkins and antique salt-and-pepper shakers. What’s more, almost everything there, including the cutlery, is for sale. See something you like, make an offer — you can likely buy it.

Atmosphere aside, this place is a culinary heavy hitter. After my waiter’s urging, I tried the French Onion soup, easily the best I’ve had. My dinner party ordered a sampling of soufflés, which is the house specialty. The standout was the truffle infused mushroom soufflé, though the jambon and gruyere was a close runner up. The salad nicoise with seared tuna was also worth going back for — as was the cloud-like chocolate soufflé with melted milk chocolate sauce, which you drizzle over your dessert for added decadence. Enough said.

A couple things to note: this place is on the pricey side. Most appetizers are $10, and you entrée will run you another $20.  The soufflés take about 20 minutes to prepare, so order accordingly. But as an added bonus, none of those soufflés are more than 413 calories, it says so on the menu.

Also, check out the bathroom if you get a chance (which I wrote about in this month’s cover story featuring cool bathrooms). They have antique toilets with the pull-chain flush feature, and communal sinks that are throwback to some of our elementary days.

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