I dine out with a group of friends regularly, but it wasn’t until a recent dinner at CHIC from Barcelona that I realized just how perfect this place is for large groups. Almost everything on the menu is better when shared, and I’m not just the talking about the tapas. The salads, for example, are big enough for three — and the chicken plates are big enough for two.

During our visit, this was our plan of attack: We all shared a handful of tapas to start. We went with the tortilla, a fluffy omelet that’s a must-try, and a medley of olives, cheeses, and cured meats. For dinner we split two chicken plates (the equivalent of one rotisserie chicken) and two salads. Everyone in our six-member party had plenty to eat, and it ended up coming out to about $13 per person, which is reasonable.

You can, of course, change up the group menu based on what you like — but I strongly recommend the rotisserie chicken. It’s the signature dish here, as evidenced by the restaurant’s name. The chicken is smoked with slices of apple, so it gets this sweet, crisp flavor. Supposedly, it’s a secret recipe that the owner got from a chef in Barcelona. Lore has it he had to work many years for that chef, who finally gave him the recipe — under the condition he opened his own restaurant far, far away so there wasn’t any competition. Whatever the back-story, this is some of the best rotisserie chicken in Dallas. The sangria here is also worth trying because it’s not too sweet, but just fruity enough. That too is ideal for sharing if you order it by the pitcher.

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