Q:  My street is very dark. How would I go about getting a streetlight installed?
A: Although there is no fee for installing a streetlight in your neighborhood, the installation process can be pretty time-consuming. Here’s how it works:

1.   Call the city’s service request number, 311, and tell the operator that you are requesting a streetlight installed on your street.

2.   After you make the request, a work order will be issued to the district engineer within your zip code. The engineer will send you a petition request; eight signatures are needed from surrounding homeowners for your request to be considered. One stipulation of the installation process is that if you want a streetlight installed between two houses, you need the other homeowner’s consent and signature as well as your own. If you cannot get your neighbor to sign the petition, the streetlight will not be installed.
3.   After signatures for the petition are obtained and given to the city, the petition is then sent to Oncor, the company responsible for the city’s streetlights and electricity. The approval process may take up to 45 days to finalize, but once it receives an OK, your streetlight will immediately be installed.
4.   By the way, to report a streetlight outage, call Oncor at
1.888.313.4747. Because Oncor owns all of the streetlights, the city is not involved in any repairs or maintenance, only in the initial installation request.


5.   For more information, visit the Oncor website at oncor.com, or visit dallascityhall.com/services/transportation2.html and click on “Street Lighting”.

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