There are people who love fashion, and there are people who love sports, and they usually use the same arguments against each other: (sports or fashion) is unimportant, (sports or fashion) is boring, etc. But then there are those of us who love sports AND fashion. And that’s one more reason we love "the Fug Girls", who write the hilarious fashion blog

Two years ago, they started "Fug Madness" to crown "the most fug". They seed the worst fashion offenders of the year and put them into four brackets: Cher, Bjork, Madonna and Charro. It’s just like an NCAA bracket, but instead of basketball, it’s based on awesomely bad fashion.

They already had a play-in game Thursday in which Jessica Simpson stomped sister Ashley Simpson, so "Fug Madness" is in full swing. Download the printable bracket here to play along.

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